Karina Schmitt Lund is the founder of Winterspring celebrated for its exquisite quality in ice cream and sorbets, use of ingredients and exceptional Nordic design.

Her company has developed flavours in collaboration with some of the world’s leading Nordic chefs. Karina has built a brand renowned for its visionary quality, Nordic flavours and ingredients led approach. In the last decade, Nordic cuisine has taken the world by storm. The appeal is easy to understand because it’s not just about the ingredients; it’s also about the approach.

At the heart of it is the idea that we use everything around us, as responsibly, ethically and creatively as possible.

That’s why so many traditional ingredients that have been forgotten or have just fallen out of fashion have been rediscovered and championed by top chefs and food lovers throughout the Nordic countries.


Bredgade 26
1260 Copenhagen

+ 45 30 47 77 88


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